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portrait shoot

Sat 3 Dec 2016

artist and curator Robert Owen

Wed 30 Nov 2016


Wrestler - folio

Mon 28 Nov 2016

working with coloured gels

Thu 24 Nov 2016

David Valmorbida is feeding the nation

Wed 26 Oct 2016

capturing a sense of youth

Mon 10 Oct 2016

whilst these guy do mean business, the portraits are meant to capture their sense individuality & rawness. #notyouraveragebrand

a compilation of corporate photography consisting of business portraits, headshots and working shots

Mon 10 Oct 2016


'how to make gnocchi' was so inspiring that I went home armed with potatoes & flour

Mon 22 Aug 2016


what to consider when commissioning a photographer

Tue 9 Aug 2016

This is a handy little article by Linda Pritchard outlinig what to consider when commissioning a photographer. It is not so much a step by step guide but more an inside on how photographic businesses largely work. No shoot is like another and is after all an agreement between a client and photographer and yes negotiable. Linda offers some thought on how to choose the right photographer and the importance of a brief. She demystifies how shoot fees are calculated and runs through a few legal obligations in regards to photo shoots. Have a read! You won't regret it.


varies projects

Tue 5 Jul 2016